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Sharp, Focused, Timely

Savecore was established in 2004. Ever since, our vision has been to be Sweden’s most skilled specialist within our area of expertise; data storage, databases, network & security and mission-critical solutions. Our vision is now our reality, a reality we strive to retain.

We specialize in design, implementation and management of IT-infrastructure, and are located in Sundsvall, Stockholm and Gothenburg. Our customers operate in all of Sweden, parts of Europe, Asia as well as South and North America. Our objective is to simplify the customer’s daily business with our ready-to-use application platforms, including assistance throughout the entire process. It is important for us to think long-term. Hence, we intend to build sustainable relationships by delivering reliable and tailored IT-solutions of highest quality based on the customer’s specific needs. Once disaster occurs, we are there to help 24/7 as long as needed.


Service as tailored to suit

Savecore’s approach means that we are able to help you with the entire process, from analysis to settlement. We can offer several types of services that will help you build a complete solution. Our solutions are tailored to suit your specific needs. We monitor your servers and your storage and alert you when abnormalities, which can potentially damage the infrastructure, crop up.

When you need kick-start solutions

With Savecore Future Operations you get a wide range of solutions for Database, Backup and Remote Access. Our Remote Access solution allows you to secure remote access to your system via a web interface. Within Savecore Future Operations we can supply you with a managed solution including database licenses, everything for a monthly fee. We solve your need for backup with a tested and optimized solution. With our preconfigured solutions we can kick-start an environment for backup.

Our services


Get an Application Ready Platform

Savecore provides products and solutions according to your business needs. Sometimes we provide only components and sometimes delivery of a whole solution, spanning from storage to database. That is what we call an Application Ready Platform. With a solution from us you can expect a delivery that fits into your existing infrastructure and that meets your company’s business requirements.
More information, contact:

Nicklas Ericsson, nicklas@savecore.se, +46 70 640 83 08

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